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Welcome to the T53 Cooking MB for 2020!

"Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people eat together." -- Guy Fieri

I hope you will find this Eagle merit badge to be both informative and entertaining as we explore and develop lifelong skills.  This site will be your way to access copies of presentations, handouts, and elective material.  Please check periodically for the latest updates. 

My email address for all correspondence and questions will be:

Bon appétit.
Icon File Name Comment  
Cooking MB Worksheet 2020.pdf Worksheet  
myplate.jpg My Plate Nutrition Guide  

Weekly Presentations

Handout copies of weekly presentations by title and date.
Please note the files are ordered alphabetically not by the date of presentation.

Icon File Name Comment  
Cooking Basics 10.05.20.pdf  
Health & Safety 09.21.20.pdf  
Home Cooking 10.19.20.pdf  
Intro 09.14.20.pdf  
Nutrition (pt1) 09.28.20.pdf  
Nutrition (pt2) 10.05.20.pdf  
Seasonings 10.19.20.pdf  

Homework & Electives

Please note the listed files are named and dated for when the topic will be discussed.  
Assignments will be made the week prior.
Icon File Name Comment  
Homework due 09.21.20.pdf  
Homework due 09.28.20.pdf  
Homework due 10.05.20.pdf  
Homework due 10.12.20.pdf  
Homework due 10.19.20.pdf  
Homework due 10.26.20.pdf  

Top Grubmaster Challenge

Please note the listed files are named and dated for when the challenge is due.
Patrol Leaders should be coordinating with their patrols prior to the due date to develop consensus and arrive at an answer.
Icon File Name Comment  
TGC due 09.21.20.pdf Health & Safety  

As of 09.21.20

All three Patrols are in a tie for last place. :(
Remember Patrol Leaders, TGC is a Patrol activity and needs your leadership to organize and present your answers during weekly meetings.