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Girl Scout Cookies


Why Do Girls Sell Cookies?

Girl Scouts have been selling home-baked cookies to raise money to help their troops and communities since 1917. 
Since then, the selling of Girl Scout Cookies has become the largest and most successful leadership program for young girls in the country. 


  • It’s an opportunity to learn valuable life skills. 
  • It earns money for the troop to do service projects, learning activities, and have fun.
  • Selling Girl Scout Cookies puts the “fun” in fundraiser! 
What Kinds of cookies do the Girl Scouts in Wrentham & Plainville sell?

We sell Thin Mints, Caramel DeLites (aka Somoas), Peanut Butter Sandwiches (aka Do-Si-Dos or Gauchos), 
Peanut Butter Patties (aka Tag-alongs), Shortbreads (aka Trefoils), Toast-yays, Lemonades, S'mores,  and Gluten-Free Caramel Chocolate Chip.   
How much are the cookies?
 $5 per box. The Gluten-Free caramel Chocolate Chip are $6 per box.

How much do the local girls really get from the cookies?

Most of our troops earn $500 to $1,400 from the sale of cookies. The amount from each box varies based on the amount the troop sells in relation to its size. Girls also earn camp credits that can be applied toward the cost of GSSNE summer camp. The remaining portion of the money helps to fund services provided to girls and leaders, such as program activities, financial aid for girls, subsidies for the cost of camp, and training resources and support for the volunteers. Because 100 percent of the net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program stays with the local council and troops, customers who purchase Girl Scout Cookies are not only getting a delightful treat—they are also making an important investment within their communities.